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DexTrac provides mission-critical services to the Web3 ecosystem through our Chainlink node operations.


We operate highly secure, physical infrastructure at top-tier datacenters that provides validation services for next-generation blockchains.


We offer industry leading white label hosting services that help startups, enterprises and established brands unlock the potential of Web3.


Our dedicated team help organizations identify and then seize the opportunities that blockchain and smart contract technologies have to offer.

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Why Choose DexTrac?

Proven Track Record

DexTrac are a market leader with a proven track record of reliability and performance. We are one of the longest serving and most performant verified Chainlink Node Operators. Our nodes have been active on all three Chainlink release versions (Runlog, Fluxmonitor and OCR)

Efficient and Reliable

We utilize carefully selected high performance hardware hosted in tier 4 datacenters ensuring our nodes have impeccable uptime that guarantees fast, secure, and accurate oracle data.

Multi-Network & Multi-Service Support

DexTrac nodes are active on 15 different chains, providing data to +1000 decentralized oracle networks. We support Keeper services, proof of reserves contracts, and provide validation services on a growing number of chains.

Carbon Neutral

We understand that our day-to-day operations contribute to global greenhouse gas emissions, and so we’ve decided to take action. DexTrac are currently implementing plans that will make our operations carbon neutral


About DexTrac

DexTrac are a US-based Web3-focused service provider specializing in blockchain infrastructure, smart contracts and oracle services.  The DexTrac team has deep expertise in the Tech, IT, DLT and blockchain spaces.

The DexTrac Story

DexTrac’s founder has 15+ years of corporate experience managing and running Linux systems as a security engineer and director, and as a Linux SME at Trend Micro, IBM, and Microsoft.

He first entered the blockchain space in 2013 when he began building and selling turnkey Litecoin mining rigs.  Upon learning about Chainlink and the significance of the oracle problem, he decided to “spin up” his own node, "DexTrac". He ran it to such a high standard that he was hired by Chainlink as the node operator community manager.  He subsequently became the Engineering Manager for EngOps & IR (Incident Response) at Chainlink, before taking up his current position as the Chainlink Node Operator SME.

The DexTrac node is a top performer within the Chainlink ecosystem. It has been active on all three Chainlink release versions, (Runlog, Fluxmonitor and OCR), and is now responding to over 500K daily response for data.

As the Web3 and smart contract economies have grown, so has the DexTrac team. And what began life as a one-man show now includes a seasoned IT infrastructure engineer and a media and content specialist.

Why Trust Dextrac?

Tech companies must differentiate themselves through proven performance and strong reputations!

Our diversified team of specialized Web3 solutions experts have delivered high quality services across multiple ecosystems for a number of years. We are infrastructure experts, data brokers, security minded coders, API researchers, and DLT aficionados.

The immutable truths recorded on multiple blockchains attest to our dedication to quality and continuing successes deploying multiple solutions across a number of blockchains.  Please check out our operational analytics section at the top this page to see the data that sets out the Dextrac record.

How Can We Make A Difference?

Our deep expertise in the field of smart contract and blockchain technologies, positions us perfectly to help entities convert their ideas into practical applications.

Through our extensive operating experience, enterprise grade infrastructure and industry insights we help accelerate the adoption of Web 3.0 technologies.  If you want to be an early mover embracing nascent smart contract and oracle technology, we can help you create the architecture and strategy that will help you go to market faster.

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